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"​I would highly recommend using Affordable Telemarketing Services if you are looking for a telemarketing company. Our company has been using them for over 4 years now and they have been generating us leads every week. They are friendly and very easy to work with. They also give us advice and help us with our marketing. Cheers!" 

 -  Craig E.

"Responsive, personal service at affordable prices. Good follow up reporting and flexible service with a goal on generating results. They have generated some solid results for my business and I've been happy with their service." 

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Affordable Telemarketing Services LLC  

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Welcome To Affordable Telemarketing Services LLC ​ ​

​​    We are a US based, outbound Business to Business Telemarketing  company that specializes in appointment setting, information collecting, retention and warm lead generation.  All of our employees are based within the US. We have been offering a nationwide marketing service for small businesses since 2009. We have worked in all 50 states and have developed campaigns for many industries such as SEO, Web Design, Commercial Roofing, Contractors, Cleaning Services, Office Supply, Printing Companies and many more. We offer a personal, hands on approach to all of our campaigns from design to execution. 

     Our model is simple. It is based upon an open line of communication along with a direct and on going developmental strategy that is created upon the responses of our clients potential market. This open line of communication allows us to adjust the direction of each campaign based upon the markets request. We accomplish the end result by altering and changing our approach into a working and acceptable deliverance of our services. The basic and most simple secret to marketing is listening to what the market wants and then adapting your strategy based upon their request. 

1,000 Calls, 4 - 6 Week Campaign, Lead Lists Included,   $600

2,000 Calls, 4 - 6 Week Campaign, Lead Lists Included,  $1,100

3,000 Calls, 4 - 6 Week Campaign, Lead Lists Included,  $1,560

4,000 Calls, 6 - 10 Week Campaign, Lead Lists Included,  $2,000

5,000 Calls, 6- 10 Week Campaign, Lead Lists Included,  $2,400


Campaigns include: script development, targeted call lists, rep training and account management. No hidden charges.


 We were founded in 2009 in the city of Cleveland Ohio by two business owners who saw a need for a more creative way to market their business.  

​  With years of business development and marketing experience, they created a number of inventive solutions that maximizes production while minimizing cost.

  The simple approach to their marketing design is based simply around listening to what the market wants.  

  Through the founders experience and their innovative ideas, Affordable Telemarketing Services was established. Now, we would like to share these creative marketing strategies with you.

What we do

  We offer a business to business, appointment setting, telemarketing service for small businesses. We make a pre-determined number of calls per day based upon your companies marketing needs and provide each client with a detailed list of their daily calls.  

  All of our Representatives are US based. You will have one dedicated Appointment Setting Specialist assigned to your campaign per 2,000 calls.    

  We offer a unique and effective approach that works. We develop each campaign based upon the responses of your potential market. This allows us to make changes that are effective.   

  We work along side with you for the entire duration of your campaign, developing and altering our strategy until we find the marketing plan that provides the best results.

What Makes Us The Best?

Our Strategy:

 Today, most marketing strategies rely on information that has been practiced for many years. The science of marketing has had many faces throughout time of which many have been successful as well as unsuccessful. It is difficult to market in today’s world, practices that have been taught 10 or more years ago. What many people fail to realize is that there are not many bad marketing ideas, just bad marketing strategies. All marketing paths are essentially a necessity to stay competitive, if they are done correctly, and changed constantly. Most marketing companies are missing two vital parts to their marketing strategy, constant contact and interchangeability.


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