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What we do

  We offer a business to business, nationwide telemarketing service that includes: appointment setting, information collecting, warm lead generation and cold calling.

  We make a pre-determined number of calls per day based upon your companies marketing needs while providing each client with a detailed list of their daily calls.  All of our Representatives are US based. You will have one dedicated Appointment Setting Specialist assigned to your campaign per 2,000 calls.    

  We offer a unique and effective approach that works. We develop each campaign based upon the response of your potential market. This allows us to make changes that are effective. We will constantly make changes to our delivery, calling times and potential market until we find what works best for your company. 

  We work along side with you for the entire duration of your campaign, developing and altering our strategy until we find the marketing plan that provides the best results. 


    We were founded in 2009 in the city of Cleveland Ohio by two business owners who saw a need for a more creative way to market their business. With years of business development and marketing experience, they created a number of inventive solutions that maximizes production while minimizing cost. The simple approach to their telemarketing design is based simply around listening to what the market wants and developing a system that meets their needs. This allows us to create a detailed specific formula that works for each and every business that comes through our door.

  Through the founders experience and their innovative ideas, Affordable Telemarketing Services LLC has grown into a nationwide company that is proud to serve the small businesses of this nation . Now, we would like to share  these creative marketing strategies with you.